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Unfortunately, some of Ghostery’s advanced features are hidden behind a login wall . More to the point, the add-on comes with “page and tracker data” sharing automatically enabled, rather than defaulting to privacy and letting users freely consent to that sharing.

Surfshark’s Firefox extension is one of the best, and fits nicely within the ecosystem. Again, we’d expect any Mozilla VPN add-ons to be incredibly well-integrated with its native browser, possibly offering dedicated functions not available in regular VPN extensions. Another option here is the free Firefox Private Network, which is a good option for infrequent users. for most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and others.

I’m sure I’m not alone in worrying what the folks at Ghostery are doing with that data. What does this mean for users who already have our extensions installed? If you installed the self-hosted extensions directly from without going through Mozilla, you’ll get the updates right away after a routine automated check.

Firefox is known as one of the most popular and most secure browsers in the world. Today it is in a second place by popularity after Google Chrome browser.

  • During this process, links to different resources such as, pages in the websites, style-sheets, or the images get automatically remapped to the local path.
  • Further, it downloads all the discovered resources, and goes on looking for more.
  • Best of all, you can also download an entire website using the mirrored website mode that makes no changes to the local computer.
  • This helps the program to crawl a complete website and download all that it sees in the attempt to build an acceptable replica of the website.

Mozilla says that more Recommended Extensions will be enabled in the coming weeks after they’re tested and optimized. Later this month, Mozilla will also enable support for loading arbitrary extensions in the Nightly track. Interested users can track progress on this development by subscribing to this issue. While the company has not solidified soft download site its future plans for add-on support, they will work to increase support and will post updates each quarter on their progress.

Firefox Language Packs

While it is understandable that the complete migration of add-ons to the new codebase requires time, release without proper support is bound to disappoint those who like to use specific extensions avidly. If you want to continue using those add-ons, you may have to stick to the older version of Firefox for Android.

Maybe it is not the best browser in the market by many reviews, but this browser also is famous for its user-friendly interface, security and huge add-on database. There are tons of various add-ons in the Mozilla Firefox database, so it is not a surprise, that Firefox browser can be compatible with VPNs. Staff at Mozilla have issued a comprehensive fix for the Firefox browser after users endured three days without any add-ons, caused by the expiration of a signing certificate. Unlike Google Chrome, it supports extensions (or add-ons, as Firefox calls them). While not all add-ons from the desktop version of Firefox work on Android, a lot of the popular ones do.

But if you’re among those who want a cleaner and faster browser experience, you can go ahead and either update the app from the Google Play Store or download the latest version from APK Mirror. In addition to Firefox Quantum’snew features, Mozilla made a move to replace traditional add-ons with web extensions. Having the right extensions installed can significantly improve your productivity, but also your overall web browsing experience. Below are 20 of the best Firefox add-ons and extensions for Firefox Quantum that cover security and privacy, productivity, ergonomics, tools, and more. Seeing as Mozilla’s browser is still a big hitter, many VPNs offer Firefox-compatible add-ons.

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In fact, you’ll find add-ons specifically designed to solve issues faced by Android users. But as much as it informs and reassures, a few things do trouble me. Given that it is an add-on aimed at security, I was expecting that the full functionality would be available without any registration.